Our Christmas Light Hanging Service is Coming to a Home Near You!

twinkle nights holiday lights rebranding

Happy Summer, everyone! Sparkle here, taking a short break from preparing for Christmas light hanging season 2021 to give you a little inside scoop. Did you know that the holiday season is only 173 days from today? It’s only a matter of time until the team in north Florida starts decorating your town with their […]

How to Light Up Your Patio for Parties

How to light up your patio for parties

Picture this. The sun is setting on another beautiful day in Gainesville, Florida. A beautiful patio sits in front of us, lit from every corner with soft, colorful light. A party is just getting started! Attendees are arriving with gifts for the guest of honor. Tables are decorated and ready for the celebration. The smell […]

How to Light Up Your Home Outside of Christmas

year round light décor for the home

Hey guys! I hope your 2021 is off to a great start so far! Back at the North Pole, things are picking up again after our short vacation. There’s so much work to do every year, and that includes making sure the Workshop is lit up all year long. Which, actually, brings me to today’s […]

2020 Year in Review

Team Gainesville Holiday Lights

  Hello everyone! Sparkle here with a 2020 Year in Review for my favorite holiday light company, Gainesville Holiday Lights. I’m telling you, this has been a crazy year! Lots of great things happened despite everything going on in the world around us. Santa gave me a little bit of time off, so I thought […]

Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Sparkle Bright poses with the American Flag

Hi, friends! It’s me, Sparkle, back to share more holiday magic with you. One of the best things about being an Elf (besides hanging out with Santa and making tons of cool toys, of course) is getting to experience Christmas traditions around the world! It reminds all of us elves just how big, beautiful, and […]

Hire The Best Holiday Lights Business – Ask These 8 Questions

Gainesville Holiday Light Elf shows off the light hanging trailer

  Hey everybody, Sparkle here again! Santa just told me the other day, “Sparkle, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times: ask questions before you buy something online.” Apparently, I tend to make decisions without having all of the information. Of course, when you want to hire the best holiday lights […]

When Should I Start Putting Up Christmas Lights?

Sparkle knows when to put the Christmas lights up Sparkle rides the holiday lights up to the roof during installation

  Man, you can almost feel it in the air, can’t you? Very soon, the air is going to be alive. No, I’m not talking about ghosts from A Christmas Carol coming around to haunt us. Don’t be silly, they only show up on Christmas Eve! I’m talking about the air being alive with Christmas […]

Staying Safe While Hanging Christmas Lights

andy uses the bucket truck to install holiday lights

    Hanging Christmas lights is an annual task for many people across the country. And while it may seem relatively routine, it can actually be a dangerous job if not performed properly. Let’s face it: the more we do something, the less attention we pay to it. If you don’t believe us, compare how […]

Can I Rent My Christmas Lights and Have Someone Else Install Them?

  It’s Thanksgiving and you just had a sudden realization: it’s time to put up your outside Christmas lights. Each year you tell yourself that you’re going to get it done earlier in the season, but the reality is that life gets in the way. Everyone gets busy, work and family naturally need more and […]

Choosing the Best Holiday Lights Company

Choosing the best holiday lights company is an important decision. You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions such as: Do they use energy-efficient bulbs? Energy efficient bulbs are energy efficient. Does the holiday lights company use them? We use LED bulbs which save home and business owners money on their energy bill. According to […]

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